Welcome to Cobble Core, Where your imagination runs wild, where you build your biggest dreams

What does CobbleCore Offer?

CobbleCore offers many opportunities, Such as Survival SMP, Skyblock, Prison, Pixelmon and Popular modpacks

User friendly

We strive for player happiness, this is why we have constant improvements and a dedicated staff team to help 

Up to date

Our servers are up to date and very unique. Join now under

Fast support

To provide the fastest possible support we use a role based bumping system within discord tickets to make sure your support ticket hits the correct role!. 

How to join

Here you can see, how you can join on the Minecraft server.


Add the server

Go to Multiplayer in Minecraft, then Add Server

Enter server adress

Enter in the server address field and click "Done".

You're done!

Now you can play on with other players!
Story about CobbleCore

CobbleCore was once just a dream, however we are striving to make that dream a reality and become one of the most popular minecraft networks in the ranking

Join our Discord Server 


As Minecraft has evolved so have plugins, therefore we use custom textures ontop of items, GUIs and more to make features more user friendly or to just enhance the overall look

So far we host Terra Nova 2, A self made modpack with hundreds of quests and custom recipes to increase longevity. We also have 2 more custom packs in the making aswell as the evergrowing popular pixelmon!

To open a ticket, head over to our discord (listed above) after you have joined you will be asked to verify, after you do this channels will open up. Head over to #Support-and-report and run $ticket open (subject)


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