Welcome to CobbleCore, Where your imagination can run wild, meet on friends and where you can build your biggest dreams!

What does CobbleCore Offer?

Community is at our heart

We strive for player happiness, this is why we make constant improvements based on player feedback and a dedicated staff team.

Always up-to-date

We are always updating our servers to make them unique. We even develop our modpacks which unique to our network and not available anywhere else.

World-class support

We provide the fastest possible support, we use a role based bumping system within our Discord Server to make sure your ticket reaches the right people.

Current Packs we host

Terranova 2: The Sequal

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Terra Nova: The Sequel, a meticulously crafted modpack designed for enthusiasts who revel in exploration, resource gathering, and immersive technological experiences in Minecraft version 1.16.5.

Developed by the CobbleCore Team

Pack Version: R1.6

Download from CurseForge, Technic Launcher or Custom Launcher

Infinity Evolved

FTB Mod Infinity Evolved for Minecraft is a modpack that consists of about 170 individual mods. It is an all-rounder modpack and offers a range of possibilities in Minecraft.

Server IP: ie.play.cobblecore.net

Pack Version: 3.1.0

Developed by the FTB Team

Download from FTB App

Server Rules

These are our official server rules. Ignorance does not protect you from punishment.

  1. Swearing – We allow swearing within reason. Do not over use swear words and never use swear words directed at other players.
  2. No Racism – Keep all chats, skins, builds and anything appropriate
  3. No Cheating – Do not abuse bugs/exploits/glitches. These should be reported our team through the support system in our Discord server.
  4. Do not Grief other players, claims, or the world. Do not claim within two chunks of other players claim
  5. No Advertising anything outside of the CobbleCore Servers.
  6. English only please! Outside of private messages, all chats must be kept in English for moderation purposes.
  7. Be Kind and respectful to everyone.

Staff have every right to uphold a rule to their standard.

Meet the team

Owners & Management


Owner & System Administrator

Keeping the CobbleCore network up and running. Professional System Administrator. Fuelled by Coffee, Redbull and Monster.


Owner & Head of Development




Professional Server Breaker

Development Team



Discover the creative genius behind top-tier Minecraft packs! Our talented developer crafts immersive experiences, bringing new dimensions, textures, and adventures to your gameplay.



Moderation Team


Head Admin

I’m me.


Head Admin



Herder of cats and server Mascot.





Atticus Goblin


Currently on his 7th life, unfortunately he is on his last brain cell.